Healthcare Intervention: The Importance Of Information For Quality Improvement   

Healthcare Intervention: The Importance Of Information For Quality Improvement  

Healthcare Intervention: The Importance Of Information For Quality Improvement  

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Believe or not, our healthcare system is unstable, ineffective, untimely, and unsafe. That’s why there are a lot of things that it misses out when it comes to patient’s assistance. Therefore, to make progress in the field of providing health care, the medical system should embrace advancement without damaging its objectives. That’s why in terms of fulfilling the mission of quality care, its dimensions need to be valued as a whole.

Since people are concerned with a lot of loopholes in the medical field, it’s the system’s responsibility to let them know how things are going. Along with providing services such as minor and major surgeries, drug prescriptions, therapy and consultations, vaccinations, health care checkups, and so on, the healthcare system should inform the public that every detail counts.

Building A Safer Health System With The Use Of Information

Since prevention is not enough, the health care system must be willing to commit to raising awareness of all sorts of illnesses and diseases. It’s not going to be easy though, but if the health system adequately delivers information, the majority of people can benefit from the additional knowledge. Not only can they identify the risk factors of certain diseases, but they can also use the handed out details in finding a much effective and safer means of prevention. With the use of significant medical information, people can reduce risk factors, identify the symptoms, know if they are at risk, and can be able to know when to get screened. If they have all the necessary information that they need to understand, they can be persistent with their health provider.

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The Misconception: Health Services And Information

Not all medical conditions and illnesses are at people’s radar. Most of them don’t even know that some conditions exist. Sometimes, there are conditions that they only encounter right after experiencing it. And because of limited access to medical information, most people don’t value health and wellness.

Let’s put smoking as an example. Though people are aware that smoking is a great benefactor of lung cancer, they still ignore the risk factor. Although they are well-educated enough of what lung cancer is all about, they don’t understand the need for quitting from it. That’s because, over the past years, the healthcare system only focuses on the aftermath of smoking. Most concerns are merely right after the involvement of serious health conditions, particularly lung cancer, which requires immediate assistance. The system somehow made a mistake of overlooking its cause.

After several years of study, health care begins promoting prevention up until this day. However, it is then reviewed to be untimely due to the limited source of information delivered to a vast number of the populace. It goes to the continued smoking that precisely resulted in addiction.



The Reaction Of The Public With Little To No Healthcare Changes

Due to the stigma that people feel, they don’t allow themselves to get used to changes. That’s the reason most patients nowadays are still ignoring the procedures they need to follow to attain good health. Somehow, it makes the system isolated because most people couldn’t care less about what they want and need to do.

The Resolution

Health care providers and their industry should polish their dimensions to be useful to a broader scope. They should be interested not only in public information but also with public action. Since healthcare organization is part of the community, they should connect people to proper education and resources. Because when patients understand their situation, they can finally meet with their healthcare providers halfway. With the help of sufficient knowledge and quality improvement concerning medical information, people will be able to have self-evaluation, self-control, and self-awareness of what needs to be done.


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