Cannabis As An Alternative Treatment And For Palliative Care

Cannabis As An Alternative Treatment And For Palliative Care

Cannabis As An Alternative Treatment And For Palliative Care

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The senior population grows these days rapidly. There is also a high demand for treatment and care facilities, which can help them be as comfortable as they can be while suffering from a chronic or irreversible illness. These illnesses can cause a lot of physical pain and emotional issues (or one’s state of psychology or mental attitude), especially in older people. This is where palliative care comes in. It is an ever growing demand for patients who are facing the end of their lives. The care is not to prolong their lives but to make the pain more bearable.

It can be hard for anyone to suffer from pain and will do anything to reduce their suffering. In some cases, patients use cannabis for its psychological effect that gives them relief from pain and symptoms of chronic diseases. There are enough studies that prove that even cancer patients use cannabis to cope with their pain. And almost 60% of the patients have gone through treatments using cannabis and have been cured.

Israeli Ministry of Health has approved the use of medical marijuana since 2007, and a drastic change in patients coping can be seen, but there are no public records and evidence of the results of patients using cannabis as a treatment to alleviate their pain.


A Potential Option For Pain Management

Current research has found the use of cannabis to help patients limit the amount of pain they are feeling. Compared to prescription medication and other treatments, marijuana is a more natural therapeutic option. It is not made from anything synthetic and can be used regularly without any harmful side effects.

This can be the safest option for people who suffer from malignancy related symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sleep disorders, anxiety, pain, and even depression.

In Canada, cancer has been the number one cause of death, followed by heart diseases and stroke. Cancer patients use cannabis to reduce their pain while undergoing chemotherapy sessions as a means of palliative care. As the number of people that are diagnosed with chronic illnesses expand and grow, so does the need for palliative care, and researchers have been figuring out if cannabis can be an alternative.

Aids In Spiritual And Existential Suffering

It is apparent that we do not want any of our loved ones suffering from pain and other unbearable symptoms, especially when they are facing the end of their lives. Questions like “why are this happening to me?” or “when will the pain end?” is always being asked by patients who have gone through enough but still can’t rest. They feel like they are being “punished” or being “tested,” and it’s hard for them to be dealing with this.

A study shows that cannabis can help aid a patient’s spiritual and existential suffering. It is known that cannabis has been used as a therapeutic aid even early and patients who have been using cannabis confirmed that it could help alleviate their spiritual suffering for marijuana can help your mind be put in a euphoric and relaxed state which eliminates the negative thoughts. To understand more about mental conditions, you can check out BetterHelp


Improves One’s Quality Of Life

The goal of palliative care isn’t to extend a person’s life but to enhance the quality of their life as they face their near end. It is not only for people who are close to their death; some people still seek palliative care to improve their lives as they grow older. But palliative care is mostly reserved for people who are suffering from so much pain while slowly dying.

Using cannabis can help the patient’s appetite and taste. It can also offer potential relief from symptoms of nausea, vomiting, pain, anxiety, and depression. This can change the patient’s quality of life drastically so they may live the remaining of their lives in comfort and ease. It is hard enough to suffer from an incurable illness and going through so much physical, emotional, and psychological pain.

Cannabis has not been legalized in a few other countries because of its psychotic effects that can cause hallucinations. There is still no case of deaths over the consumption of cannabis, and most countries consider this as a medical alternative. Honestly, it has some great potential.

There is a lot of research going on to prove cannabis is safe to be consumed, and there is still a big fight over this issue. As mentioned above, cannabis can help patients who have gone through enough suffering, live comfortably. All we want is for ourselves or our loved ones to not go through any suffering and pain. We want the most comfortable life we can have, even when dealing with chronic illness, and there is nothing that can stop us from looking for something to help us cope with all that we are feeling. 

Cannabis is deemed as an illegal drug in many nations, but it can potentially save the lives of millions of people if legalized.

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